Taylor Swift was most definitely a good sport when she stopped by 'Ellen' for an interview last week. In addition to practically having a nervous breakdown during a conversation about her ex-boyfriends, Swift braved the host's haunted hallway for a Halloween scare.

"I purposely don't go through haunted houses," Swift said before she ever entered the scary hallway. Her voice raised about three octaves as she cried, "I don't want to go in it!"

But before long, she pushed her way past the skull on the curtain and found herself venturing through a tunnel of cobwebs, mummies, flashing lights and creatures lurking around every corner. Oh, and don't forget the eerie music -- everything is scarier with creepy music playing in the background!

As the 22-year-old 'Red' superstar inched her way through the hallway, what appeared to be a mummy dummy ended up being someone in a costume. The being reached out to grab Swift, and she shrieked, "Stop doing that!" As soon as she gained composure, hilariously, something else tried to grab her.

With no choice but to continue through the hallway, the 'Begin Again' hitmaker was forced to walk down a nearly pitch-black path. With a strobe light confusing her vision, another ghoul jumped out at her and she hit the floor trying to avoid it!

When another hand reached out to touch the talented starlet, she gave up and started to run through the hallway crying, "Stop it!" over and over again. Fortunately, when Swift finished her walk through the haunted hallway, the Ellen was waiting for her at the end. The award-winning singer hugged her and said, "It was horrible." But there is no rest for the weary. As she turned to walk away, the hilarious host ran up behind her and startled Swift one last time -- just for good measure.

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