Taylor Swift may not be performing at the Super Bowl, but she'll be there in spirit. Jimmy Fallon revealed on the 'Today' show this morning that he'll be attempting a very live episode of 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' on Sunday night after the Super Bowl, and no one is safe from his comedic grasp. Fallon shared that he will run a spoof of 'The Voice' during his show and that he will take on the likes of Taylor Swift.

"We're gonna do a spoof of 'The Voice,' where it's a bunch of different people auditioning for the new halftime show," the host spilled, adding that he'll be imitating everyone from Swift to Justin Bieber. He adds, "Me as Taylor Swift is pretty ugly."

As if that mental image isn't enough to go on, fans will get the chance to see Fallon in Swift drag, apparently, on Feb. 5. Fallon and his 'Late Night' crew have been shooting in Indianapolis, Ind., where Super Bowl XLVI will kick off, all week to pump up the fans for the big game.

But before Fallon gets a chance to poke fun at 'The Voice' on his show, the real version of the singing competition will air on NBC. Blake Shelton and his fellow judges will aid in the post-Bowl excitement as they premiere Season 2 of the show with an all-new auditions episode.

Watch Jimmy Fallon Talk Spoofing 'The Voice,' Taylor Swift + More