Taylor Swift's 'Red' video is a highlights package from the 2013 Red Tour. Fans co-star along with the singer and her band in the brand new clip. For those who haven't been able to see her live, Swift shares a few of the many costume and set changes that take place during the complex, theatric stage show.

'Red' is Swift's third release to country radio. The title track to her latest album is another that will leave fans wondering who she wrote it about, and the video offers no clues. The excitement from her concert is the featured act.

From a wedding gown to a more mischievous black corset, Swift's split-second costume changes leave fans on the edge of their chairs, if they're not already standing in the stadium. The superstar uses the full venue during her show, even playing from the rafters or atop a light rig at points, as shown in the 'Red' video. Unlike many of her other videos, there wasn't much build-up for this one. Swift simply included a link to it on her Facebook page.