Taylor Swift's new 'Sparks Fly' video would be rather hum-drum if one didn't know the footage was captured from four dates on her Speak Now Tour, including at least one of last month's shows in Newark, N.J. The magic and theatrics she's able to capture on stage rival what almost anyone else is able to dream up for a more Hollywood-like "produced" music video.

Fans who won't get to see her on tour this year will feel pains of envy after watching the clip. It begins with the stage set up, before quickly launching into many of her elaborate set and costume changes. There's the ballet dancers, the violinists serenading her from the balcony, a flying castle and rain ... oh so much rain. Swift was soaked during one of the summer's stadium shows, and fortunately cameras were rolling.

Capturing the essence of a live show normally isn't a tall task for an artist. A Swift concert is more Broadway production than typical country concert, however. One imagines this video's editor pulling his hair out at the roots trying to deciding what footage should be left on the cutting room floor. It seems like there is enough going on to justify a two-hour television event. Sadly we only get four minutes.

The July 23 show in Newark was one of the four shows captured for the video. The clue is the lyric running up Swift's left arm toward the end of the video. "I was only there to sing your song / What were you protecting yourself  from," it reads. Fans who've followed the Taste of Country Taylor Swift Arm Lyrics list know this is from the Jimmy Eat World song she Sharpied on herself in that night.

Watch the Taylor Swift 'Sparks Fly' Video