T.G. Sheppard's prognosis seems to be far more serious than first speculated, according to official statements made by the country legend's vigilant wife, singer-songwriter Kelly Lang. Lang took to Facebook yesterday (Oct. 16) to update the 'Devil in a Bottle' singer's loyal fans on his condition after he was admitted to a Nashville hospital for a bladder infection.

"I hesitate to share this now, but I do want you to know how serious T.G's condition has been," Lang informs (quote via Country Weekly). "The bladder infection had spread into his bloodstream and is very hard to treat. That being said, it is the reason for his still being in the Critical Care Unit. I feel that he is getting better, but certainly not great."

Lang first updated fans immediately following Sheppard's admittance into care. “He was admitted in ICU with a bladder infection that has caused extreme high heart rate. He is very weak and they are trying to keep his heart rate down, but it has been a challenge," she said in a post earlier this week. "Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Love, Kelly."

The country legend and his wife performed together at the R.O.P.E. (Reunion of Professional Entertainers) banquet and awards in Nashville just days before he entered an area hospital for the progressing bladder infection. The 68-year-old singer still remains active on the touring circuit, despite last scoring a radio hit in 1988 with the Top 20 single 'You Still Do.'

No further information has been given, but Lang shares that Sheppard is resting, but is "still in pain."