Five Song Suffragettes took on a pretty outside the box musical challenge at a recent #LetTheGirlsPlay show in Nashville, offering up a stripped-down version of the Chainsmokers' "Paris."

Taylor Noelle, Lena Stone, Kalie Shorr, Savannah Keyes and Jenny Ray composed the Song Suffragettes lineup at the Listening Room in downtown Nashville on May 22, and they gave the audience a surprising take on the song, which scored the pop duo a No. 1 hit when they released it as the lead single from Memories ... Do Not Open in January of 2017.

Stone leads the group in a bare-bones acoustic performance of the song in the video above, underpinning their performance and taking the lead vocal in the beginning. Every singer on the stage gets a chance to demonstrate her unique take on the song before they bring the performance to an end by joining their voices in harmony and counterpoint for a vocal round to close it out.

The group covers are a highlight of the LTGP shows, which give a rotating roster of five of Nashville's most talented female singer-songwriters a chance to share their original songs each week. Taste of Country has long supported the movement; look for a new cover weekly on the site, as well as monthly feature profiles. Our most recent featured artist is Lainey Wilson.

Kalie Shorr was a Song Suffragettes regular and a Taste of Country featured artist before she scored with "Fight Like a Girl" on SiriusXM, and ToC chose her as one of our RISERS for 2017. Take a look at her exclusive performance of her original song "Nothin' New" below.

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