The Grascals pay tribute to one of television's all-time classic programs, 'The Andy Griffith Show,' with their new release 'Dance 'Til Your Stockings Are Hot and Ravelin'.' Fans of the show will recognize five of the seven songs on the EP, available in stores and at digital retailers today, and enjoy their resurrections. Younger bluegrass lovers may not make the connection, but will still find plenty to get up and dance to.

Five of the seven songs are right from the catalog of those trouble-making Darlings (played by the real bluegrass band the Dillards). It's fun to search for songs on YouTube like 'Leaning On Everlasting Arms,' 'Dooley,' and 'Boil Them Cabbage Down' to watch the original clips for the first or four-hundredth time. The characters were always up to something, yet somehow their relationship with the townsfolk of Mayberry and Sheriff Andy Taylor always stayed cordial.

The Grascals stick true to the original versions, although none of the six members seem to have mastered the ceramic jug a la Briscoe Darling Jr. The five cover songs are all hot pickin' and grinners (except the gospel song 'Leaning on Everlasting Arms'), and the modern bluegrass band does the television show proud on its 50th anniversary.

Rounding out the project is 'Mayberry's Finest Theme' and 'Boy, Giraffes are Selfish.' The former is as advertised, and at about 90 seconds, it's too short to offend. The lyrics are cute and a little old fashion, just like the television show. 'Boy, Giraffes are Selfish' is based on an episode of the TV show and is new to this project. "Andy and Barney run a very tight jail / Opie and surprises go together real well / State inspectors comin' dogs fill up the cells / Boy, Giraffes are selfish," the band sings. The musicianship is strong as always, and fans of the band or the TV show will call this project $3.99 well spent.

Watch the Grascals Perform 'Dooley'