Recently, three country songwriters were challenged with doing something hundreds try to do every day in Nashville: come up with a potential hit song with strangers, in a time crunch. Watch as Kalie Shorr, Emily Landis and Lacy Green write and perform "Nothin' New" during this Taste of Country exclusive premiere.

This behind the scenes video and subsequent performance were captured during a recent YouTube popup event in Nashville. All three of these writers are part of the Song Suffragettes collective, but Landis and Green hadn't met when they sat down to work together. In fact, none of the three had ever written together, but that didn't slow them down.

Green came up with the title for "Nothin' New," describing a love song with verses built on the facts of life. "Nothing dies as hard as a bad habit" and "Shouldn't get drunk in high heeled shoes" are a few lines offered, the last suggested as a joke by Shorr.

“People say all the time ‘This might be dumb,’ but you gotta say the stuff that you think is dumb,” Landis insists.

The making-of video is a glimpse into a modern songwriting room. In addition to longtime writing staples like guitars and coffee, each artist has an iPad or cell phone to look up references and jot down ideas. The actual writing looks like three girls talking, because "Sometimes you get the most conversational lyric when you have a conversation.”

The chorus of "Nothin' New" goes:

“Since the beginning / Since the world started spinning / It’s just a matter of fact / Girls want boys that don’t want them back / Being honest, don’t matter what you call it / The sun still shines the sky’s still blue / You don’t want me and I love you / But that ain’t nothing you.”

The Song Suffragettes perform weekly #LetTheGirlsPlay shows at the Listening Room in Nashville. Every month Taste of Country spotlights one rising female artist. Shorr was featured in May 2015, while Green will be the July 2016 Artist of the Month.

Watch Lacey, Kalie and Emily Sing ‘Nothin’ New’