The Railers — or Jonathan, Jordan and Cassandra Lawson — have dropped a pop-country party anthem with "11:59 (Central Standard Time)."

It’s their first solo release since 2014's “Kinda Dig the Feeling,” but fans will notice a much more polished sound with the band’s 2017 studio return. The transition comes after three years of the three-piece honing their sound on the road with some of the biggest names in country music: Brett Eldredge and Hunter Hayes.

"11:59" focuses on a fun night out, stressing there are only 24 hours a day and that "tomorrow has another party in it.” The timezone in the title is an obvious shoutout to their new roots in Nashville, and the 11:59 reference makes it a perfect setup for your New Year's Eve playlist or any weekend night when the clock is about to strike midnight.

Written by Jim Beavers, Lindsay Rimes and Matt Rogers, "11:59 (Central Standard Time)" is the lead single from the Railers' future LP, due in late 2017.

Did You Know? Besides their two solo releases, the Railers also released a six-song EP in 2014 titled The Geraldine Session.

Listen to the Railers, "11:59 (Central Standard Time)":

The Railers' "11:59 (Central Standard Time)" Lyrics:
We got the party rockin’ / And the clock on the wall tick-tockin' / It ain’t stoppin' / But we’re not goin' home /

We got the feel good flowin’ / And we don’t wanna go and slow it / So let's throw that / Keep it goin' a bone

Hey it’s 11:59, central standard time / But we ain’t gotta be no Cinderella
Just spinning records round / Blow the speakers out / And just rock this mother a cappella
I know it’s late, but wait a minute / Tomorrow’s got another party in it
I know it’s late, but wait a minute / Tomorrow’s got another party in it

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