If you haven't heard the fresh sound that the Railers are bringing to country music, stop reading and listen to 'Kinda Dig the Feeling' right now. Go ahead, we'll wait ... Pretty good, right? With sharp harmonies, incredible musicianship and palpable energy, this new song from this new band may be just the thing to shake things up a bit.

'Kinda Dig the Feeling' is a fun one. It's upbeat, danceable and totally catchy, but that's only one thing that makes it so great. The lyrics pack a punch in their list of what makes love frustratingly great, and the group sings them with such velocity and energy that they practically explode in the listener's ear.

"Well your love's just like running a red light / Playing with a pocketful of dynamite / Yeah your love's more hell than spending a month in a Mexican jail / That lost the key I ain't gonna make bail / That's what it feels like."

Sonically, the Railers are different from almost any country group so far. There's hints of Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town, but overall they've managed to carve out a new sort of sound that's part country, part rock, part Americana -- and all good. With tightly layered harmonies, a robust instrumental sound and an energy that captivates, the talent behind this four-part band is undeniable.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Kinda Dig the Feeling' is endlessly entertaining, but it's also just a really great song. First-time listeners will be drawn in by how catchy it is, but the quality of the lyrics and vocal performance will keep them coming back for more of what the Railers have to offer.

Key Lyrics: "Oh, oh, oh and I can't sleep / Oh, oh, oh, I'm in too deep / Can't look back, don't look down / Everything is spinning around the ceiling / You slay me, amaze me / I kinda dig the feeling."

Did You Know? The Railers may be new to country music, but they're about to take the stage with one of the biggest country music acts around. The group will be joining Hunter Hayes this fall for his Tattoo (Your Name) Tour along with fellow newcomers, Dan + Shay.

Listen to the Railers, 'Kinda Dig the Feeling'

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