It’s almost a wrap for The Voice Season 24, but before the winner is crowned on Tuesday, the last five contestants had a last chance to show why they should be the winner. Ruby Leigh left a lasting impression.

The Team Reba McEntire favorite selected a well-known track from the King, Elvis Presley, for one of her finale performances. Before hitting the finale stage, she also had the chance to reflect on her remarkable season with her coach.

McEntire shared some words of encouragement with the 16-year-old, explaining that what makes Leigh so wonderful is that she’s an artist and a stylist. With her unique voice and sometimes yodeling, everyone instantly knows it’s Leigh, so it's her signature.

During their workshopping session, McEntire shared that she was looking forward to seeing the artistic liberties Leigh would on her cover of to "Suspicious Minds." Those changes paid off — McEntire and her fellow coach, John Legend, had plenty of accolades to bestow on the hopeful.

Both McEntire and Legend once again called out the young singer's ability to present herself in such a mature way, despite having a (perceived) amount of lesser life experience than her peers.

For her second song, Leigh added her unique stylings to "Desperado" by the Eagles. For this ballad, she stood center-stage and let her voice bring the drama to the vulnerable track.


As rolling white fog covered the stage, Leigh took the audience on a tender musical journey.

Once again, The Voice Top 5 contestant Ruby Leigh earned high praise from the coaches. Coach Gwen Stefani applauded Leigh's ability to pull on people's emotions and joked that sometimes, it can be okay to cry on TV.

McEntire shared the pride she has for the singer and called out that her unique offerings are hard to come by. With her time on the stage behind her, Leigh's fate now sits with America.

Voting for the Season 24 The Voice winner launched at the end of the show. Fans are able to vote one time for one artist — votes can be submitted via The Voice app or by visiting

The Voice winner will be announced during Tuesday's finale (Dec. 19).


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