The talent was running like a stream during Monday night's (Nov. 27) new episode of The Voice. The latest installment of the singing competition had members of Reba McEntire’s team facing off to keep their spot.

One of those constants hoping to nab a spot in the next round was Ruby Leigh. Before hitting the stage, Leigh had the opportunity to meet with her coach to workshop how best to tackle her Playoff round.

The first task at hand was picking the perfect song to show off the young hopeful's vocal ability, while allowing some room to hit her yodeling notes. Leigh selected Linda Ronstadt’s "Long Long Time."

She shared that she picked this song in part because she relates to Ronstadt. Both Leigh and Ronstadt started singing at a young age — The Voice contestant is still just 16! Despite being so young, Leigh has seemed to master her craft and even left McEntire wondering what to help her with.

McEntire playfully shared,"“I’m trying to find something to help you with."

The country legend landed on breath work, making sure the impressive young talent had enough stamina to really lay into the song all the way through the final notes. Plus, McEntire noted that intentional pauses would help convey even more emotion while delivering “Long Long Time.”

Coach Niall Horan didn’t mince words, calling Leigh's performance "the best" version of the classic song he's ever heard. His fellow judges had just as favorable feedback for Leigh, and it seemed like an obvious choice for McEntire to send her on to the next round.

And an obvious choice it turned out to be: The end of Team Reba's Playoffs brought good news for Leigh, as McEntire announced that the young singer will be headed to the next phase of the competition along with Jacquie Roar and Jordan Rainer.

Noah Spencer and Ms. Monet (McEntire's "Super Save") were eliminated. Playoffs will continue when The Voice returns Tuesday night (Nov. 28) on NBC.

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