Thompson Square's new video for 'Glass,' called 'Glass (Version T2),' is somewhat somber and artful, which fits the tone of the song, a contemplative and emotionally resonant ballad. The original video was low key without much action and there is more stuff going on in this new version.

The captivating clip is also semi-gothic in its styling, thanks to Shawna Thompson's smoky eye makeup, the full, frilly and old-fashioned white dress with black piping that she wears and the way she saunters through an empty house, with pieces of glass underneath her feet. Glass can be both fragile and dangerous at once, and the video effectively makes that point multiple times.

Pieces of shattered glass factor prominently in the video, as well. Vintage medicine bottles of all shapes, sizes and colors are featured, posed and hanging from trees. Throughout the video, Thompson walks among the shards strewn on the hardwood floor. But the most memorable and striking shot in the video is a cinematically beautiful scene where shards of glass fly at her back.

This video reminds us of the fragile nature of life in a simple, subtle way. Glass shatters. So do we. It's how we pick up the pieces that really matters.

Watch Thompson Square 'Glass (Version T2)' Video