Thompson Square's 'If I Didn't Have You' video celebrates their relationship in a most emotional way.

The video kicks off with a tender moment between Keifer Thompson and his wife, Shawna. The real-life country music couple is about to climb in the car and take a ride, and Keifer stops to stroke his wife's face. Unfortunately, that's the last time they are seen looking happy together for a while.

The Thompsons happy drive down the road ends abruptly when a car careens into the side of their vehicle. The next time we see the couple together, Shawna is lying in a hospital bed with Keifer by her side.

As the song's intense chorus crescendos, Shawna starts having an out-of-body experience. She's standing in the corner of the hospital room, watching her husband kneel beside her still body.

The hours pass, Shawna still hasn't woken up, and her husband tries everything to rouse her from the coma. He plays the guitar, strokes her hand and talks to her, but nothing works. Just when you think the clip is going to be a major downer, the brunette singer flutters her eyelids, and the couple is reunited.

'If I Didn't Have You' will appear on the band's upcoming album 'Just Feels Good,' which is due on March 26.