Thompson Square's Shawna Thompson says when she needs a break from husband Keifer, she flashes something she calls the "stank eye." He might have gotten it -- the "stank eye," that is -- after telling Taste of Country Nights radio host Jeremy Robinson how he planned to celebrate if the duo won the Vocal Duo of the Year award at the 2012 CMAs. 

"Getting marital, right on the stage," Keifer said during a CMA Week interview prior to the awards show. "No one has ever done that." The long-haired half of the duo can be heard sighing loudly in the audio clip. You can almost hear her eyes rolling back with embarrassment at her husband's dry sense of humor.

Thompson Square did indeed pick up the award, but thankfully did not live up to that promise during the live broadcast event. The honor follows a win in the same category at the 2012 ACM Awards in Las Vegas.

When Keifer is upset, just like when he's happy, it's physical. "Whatever is laying closest to him, he might grab it and kinda just throw it or something," Shawna explains, adding that he doesn't throw it at her.

It's been mostly good news for the real life couple since they released their hit single 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not' in 2010. Mostly.

"There have been a lot of people who have said some nasty things about my old hair style, which is fine," Shawna admits when Robinson brings up a rumor he heard that a radio programmer said her old style wasn't country enough. Keifer is quick to defend his wife.

"But then you see girls doing the same thing she was doing," he says. "You have to be you ... country music is not hair."

Listen for Thompson Square's new song 'If I Didn't Have You' on radio soon. It's from a new album they say will be out next spring. Taste of Country Nights was broadcasting from Nashville all week, interviewing country music's biggest stars like Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean and Eric Church. You can listen to the show from 7PM to midnight every weeknight on one of 40 radio stations nationwide, or online at any of the station websites listed here.