Toby Keith may have nine platinum-selling albums and dozens of Top 10 singles, but the singer-songwriter, producer and entrepreneur has also been known to release colorful music videos, tackling story lines full of politics and the life of a hillbilly -- something the American Country Awards recognized, honoring him with the Video Visionary Award.

In light of this prestigious acclamation, we here at Taste of Country find his 'Bullets in the Gun' video exemplary of  this achievement, as Keith tells the story of a drifter and an exotic dancer who fall in love and find themselves running from the law, 'Thema & Louise' style. The lyrics glorify the Western outlaw existence, which Keith's director Michael Salomon applies with a modern twist -- full of motorcycles and Mexican motels.

Not until the climatic scene -- in which an intense, and deadly shootout takes place -- do we realize the drifter's measure of true love: "Makes you come together / Like wild horses when they run / Now the cards are on the table and / The bullets in the gun," Toby Keith croons in the hook.

"In the name of love, this drifter meets his soul mate, and she's wilder and crazier and maybe even meaner than he is, " he explains to The Boot. "He's probably been drifting all over the world on his motorcycle for years and encounters all kinds of different relationships, but this one was different. He met his soul mate."

In honor of Toby Keith's visionary music videos, here's 'Bullets in the Gun.' You can find the single off his October-released deluxe album of the same name.

Watch Toby Keith's 'Bullets in the Gun' Video

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