2011 was an eventful year for country music: Scotty McCreery won 'American Idol,' Lady Antebellum hit new highs in their career and Blake Shelton ran his mouth pretty much on a daily basis (but that's what we love about him). Luckily, we have social media outlets like Twitter to capture the year's big events straight from the fingers of the artists themselves.

Based on their tweets, it sure seems like some of country music's hottest artists are trying to be comedians on the side. Not that we mind, of course -- they're hilarious! That's why we compiled this list of funny tweets, intermixed with some great memories, serious subjects and random thoughts straight out of Nashville.

Together, they make up the Top 10 Tweets of 2011. Begin with the first tweet of the list, courtesy of Martina McBride, by clicking the button below.

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