Trent Dabbs is getting ready to release a new solo album, but he's sharing one of the new tracks with Taste of Country readers first.

Dabbs is not only an artist, he is also a songwriter and producer. His latest album, 'Believer,' is set to drop on Feb. 10, and it comes on the heels of a very successful year for Dabbs, who co-wrote six songs on Ingrid Michaelson's latest release, 'Lights Out,' including its lead single, 'Girls Chase Boys.'

His songs have also been featured on the hit TV show 'Nashville.' He co-wrote 'Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave,' which was featured in a major story arc with Hayden Panettiere's character and also appeared on the album 'Nashville: On the Record.' Dabbs' latest single, 'For the Grace of You,' debuted on the show's winter finale. It is currently available at iTunes.

'World on Time' is a special track from the new project.

"When I was writing for 'Believer,' I wanted the album to capture the simplicity and sweetness of life in all different areas, like in relationships and restoration," Dabbs explains. "'World on Time' falls into the category of relationships on the record. It's a fun love song about how sometimes you impatiently wait to find that perfect person to come along and when they finally do, you realize that that timing couldn't be any better."

For more information, visit Dabbs' official website, or connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

Listen to Trent Dabbs, 'World on Time'