Twang and Round love moonshine so much that they have their own brand, and they celebrate that love in their new video, appropriately titled, "Lovin' Liquor."

The Kentucky-based duo of Vernon Roach (a.k.a "Kuntry Twang") and Brad Davis (a.k.a "Lil Round") grew up in a part of the culture that celebrates the joys of moonshine.

"The song itself pays homage to the culture of people we came from in our family tree and others here in Kentucky and surrounding states," Twang tells Taste of Country. "Growing up in these households it was common to learn the process of making and distributing and enjoying spirits. Whether it was a liquor recipe passed down, or the memories made from enjoying the nectar of the gods we call moonshine, bourbon, and brandy. That itself was the inspiration for the concept."

Twang and Round shot the "Lovin' Liquor" video at the Kentucky Mist Distillery, where their own brand of 80 proof Kentucky Mist Moonshine is made.

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"We figured with all the rich history behind the distillery and all our families, and throw in how beautiful the distillery is, it was a no-brainer to shoot it there," Twang reflects. "The video actually takes you through the whole process of making moonshine at the distillery. From the grains, to the mash, through the still, into the jar!"

Their moonshine blends are naturally infused with fruit. "The fresh cranberries are placed directly into the moonshine and the blends are naturally colored and flavored in the process," Twang states. "This creates an 80 proof blend that tastes like you're eating fresh cranberries and apples." They are also working on creating new blends for their moonshine line.

Twang and Round recently signed with Thirteen Skulls Entertainment, the new label founded by music industry veteran Ron A. Spaulding and MLB Hall of Famer Frank Thomas. Their style blends elements of rap, rock and country, but don't call them "hick-hop" — they call their music AmeriFlow.

"We're country boys, but we're also Kentucky gentlemen who are cultured and charismatic. Our music crosses a bunch of musical boundaries and can't be boxed in," Twang explains. "I always disliked the term hick-hop, because I felt like we didn't identify with that term musically. Some of the artists that have jumped on the hick-hop bandwagon are utilizing simple rhyming schemes and simple concepts, but we've always tried to elevate the genre above that. Our approach has always been more cerebral lyrically and we incorporate elements of country, blues, and soul that we use as tools to help tell our story. The term AmeriFlow is a much better representation of the music, the life and the culture that is spreading from the backwoods to the big cities."

For more information about Twang and Round's music and their moonshine, please visit their official website. Fans can also visit any Kentucky Mist Moonshine location to taste their brand and witness the distillation process in person.

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