As Ty Herndon readies a new country album that he says will remind his fans of the earlier music that put his name on the map, he is also gearing up to release a new Christmas album later this year.

"I'm a big ol' kid, so I love Christmas!" Herndon tells Taste of Country. "I had a little acoustic [Christmas] album I did about eight years ago that's always showing up places. People love that album, so I wanted to work with a full orchestra. Most of the time, people do Christmas albums for themselves because they are so seasonal."

As far as the content goes on the yet-to-be-titled collection of holiday songs, Herndon had a little help from his 7-year-old nephew. "I let him pick four fun songs on the album," Herndon reveals. "It'll be an inspirational record, as well as a fun record. I'm excited about it."

To accompany the new Christmas album, Herndon also plans on hitting the road toward the end of the year for a full Christmas tour. "We'll have the Christmas album out, and it will just be a great time," says Herndon. "We're just having fun."

Herndon's next country album is slated for a fall release, with a new single to be released around the same time. Fans can keep up with where Herndon will be on the road by visiting his website here.

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