Dolly Parton has lived an unforgettable life and enjoyed an unforgettable career in music, television, film and philanthropy. She’s an all-timer in so many ways, and she still has plenty left to give. As fans celebrate her life, Taste of Country has put together 11 of her Dolly Parton's most unforgettable moments. Ranging from her awards and music to her strong stance on social issues, this video serves as a great introduction to Dolly.

Rare footage from an appearance on Johnny Carson’s talk show makes this list, as does the story behind that day she took on the Klu Klux Klan. Kenny Rogers and Porter Wagoner make appearances — after all, this video would be incomplete without mention of her two most famous duet partners.

The most unforgettable Dolly moments come from the singer herself. Quips and one-liners about her personal style are funny five, ten and twenty years later. Watch this video, subscribe to Taste of Country’s YouTube channel and then decide what your favorite moment is.

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