'Survivor: South Pacific' castaway and country singer Whitney Duncan is denying that she engaged in a scandalous affair -- and that she cheated on the husband no one knew she was married to while on the island. Sources claim that the blonde beauty was already in the process of divorcing, so it's technically not cheating.

Duncan reportedly began seeing 'Survivor' castmate Keith Tollefson while filming, and last week it was revealed that she has been secretly married to musician Donny Fallgatter, as of Aug. 1, 2010. The couple told friends and family that they were engaged before she left in May to film the show, never revealing the true legal state of their union. It begs the question: Why did Duncan and Fallgatter keep things a secret from those close to them? It's a puzzling situation, that's for sure.

Us Weekly reports that an unnamed source says, "Whitney and Keith did not expect to fall in love on the show, but they did. She is divorced and never lied to her ex about falling for Keith. She told him the day she returned from 'Survivor.'"

Divorced? PEOPLE reports that divorce proceedings took place as recently as Nov. 8 in Centerville, Tenn. Final paperwork is needed before the divorce is finalized. Duncan is technically still married.

Tune in to 'Survivor: South Pacific' tomorrow night at 8PM ET on CBS to watch Duncan in action on the series. She's not been an incredibly active contestant on the show throughout the season. Perhaps she was too preoccupied with her romantic off-camera life.

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