Jaron Lowenstein of Jaron and the Long Road to Love is proving to be one of country music's smartest songwriters. His cheeky hit 'Pray for You' set the tone for his debut country album last year, and it's very possible his lead single from the follow-up album is about the same girl. 'Beautiful Lies' is just as painful as 'Pray for You,' and somehow as tender as the lesser known 'That's Beautiful to Me.' No one does "vulnerable" quite like Jaron.

Lyrically, the mid-tempo folk song grabs you immediately: "Though I'm fully aware of your desperate despair / I'm charmed by the words that you say / Even though I know you w ould never tell the truth / I'm seduced by your meaningless praise."

Big Kenny of Big and Rich joins Jaron for the chorus, which was a mistake. Though both give splendid individual performances -- especially Big Kenny towards the end -- their voices go together like gravy and Corn Flakes.

"As you lie to me / Oh, lie to me / Tell me that you love me / One more time / Just lie to me / Oh, lie to me / I love your beautiful lies," the song goes on.

The song's production is amateur at best as both men's vocals seems too hot throughout the song. One can hardly blame Jaron for that (unless he produced it), but it speaks to the general rushed feel of this project. There is loads of potential, but it's as if they had only 15 minutes to make it work.

"And some day when you realize / You're still all alone and so screwed up inside / I hope that I'm there when you find the only person who cares / God bless you," he sings as a soaring string section picks up half way through the track. It's a risk, but one that would really pay off if other details were attended to. If Jaron is using his music to heal a broken heart, that's fine. But it'd be nice if he provided a slicker, better maintained vehicle for us to ride along in.

Preview Jaron and the Long Road to Love Feat. Big Kenny, 'Beautiful Lies'