Newcomer Ty Stone will have folks turning heads as well as the radio volume button way up with the release of his debut single, 'American Style.' The song is the first release from his forthcoming album, also titled 'American Style,' on Warner Bros. Records. Stone's voice and music can easily be compared to any of the best southern rockers of our time. His honesty in his songwriting pours through on 'American Style.'

"Me and my sister used to run our mouths / About growin' up and getting out / We're both still livin' in the same damn house / And ain't nobody goin' nowhere / Old man's still workin' just turned 58 / Talks retirement tells mama someday / But they can't make it on that 401k / So there ain't nobody goin' nowhere," Stone sings in the first verse.

The song's chorus rings true as Stone belts out: "We're a family … American Style / From the hard hats in the steel mills to the farmers on the plow / We're all in this together, every mother, man and child / We're a family … American Style."

The song's final verse shouts American pride, as Stone sings: "Two old good folks working overtime / And all you soldiers on the battle line / Just know I've got your back / Hell, I know you've got mine / So if you’re out there havin' hard times / Found yourself on the unemployment line / Long as we got each other things’ll be just fine / And there ain’t nobody goin nowhere."

'American Style' is available for purchase on iTunes, but you can preview it below before buying it.

Listen to Ty Stone, 'American Style'