Carrie Underwood took stages by storm long before she was an American Idol. Back at the age of 14, the singer was playing beauty pageants and letting the audience get a preview of the talent that was to come. When she was a freshman in high school, she donned a sparkly dress and braces in this performance of Martina McBride's "A Broken Wing."

In 1998, little Miss Underwood took the stage at the Miss Westark Pageant in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The announcer referred to her as a "very special young lady that's taken this part of the country by storm." Flash forward to 2015 and the blonde beauty and Oklahoma native hasn't just taken that part of the country by storm, but the world. It's those vocal chops that got her the national recognition she deserves.

She walked out to an audience applauding for her, after it was announced she'd be singing the popular McBride song that isn't easy to cover for just anyone (but let's be honest, she's not just anyone). Shining in her sparkles, she made the song seem easy and effortless while performing. Check out the entire McBride cover above.

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