Ricky Skaggs was born with an incredible gift. Even at age seven, the country singer was a very impressive performer, which he proved during this 1961 television appearance. Check out those mandolin skills!

Skaggs, the youngest guy on the show by far, tapped the host and told him he wanted to play. After he was laughed at, Skaggs took the microphone and blew everyone away. Dressed in a crisp white shirt, the young player begins rapidly picking his mandolin. Soon after, the band joins in behind him. After his playing is finished, the singer takes a seat, but is sook called back to showcase his other talent: his voice.

The adorable young Skaggs continues to play his mandolin, but this time chimes in with his beautiful voice. It's as smooth as ever in this clip. Trust us, you'll want to watch until the song ends to hear his voice momentarily without any instruments. What a talent!

Watch the clip above to witness a sweet 7-year-old Skaggs at work.