The Entertainer of the Year award at the 2012 CMA Awards will provide a nervous moment, as fans for the two favorites to win couldn't be further apart in terms of interests or tastes. The trophy is meant to honor the singer with the best year of sales, music, touring and general exposure, but really it comes down to who CMA voters like best. It's not as scientific as it seems it should be, although our prediction is based on hard data. 

Who do you think will win the Entertainer of the Year award at the 2012 CMAs? Taylor Swift is looking for her second-straight win -- her third overall -- while Brad Paisley looks for his second this year. Kenny Chesney has a closet full of these, but he had another great year and is certainly deserving -- as is Blake Shelton. Jason Aldean might be the overall favorite to win, however.

After voting and sharing your opinion below, be sure to vote on the other categories. The 2012 CMA Awards air tonight (Nov. 1) at 8PM ET on ABC.

Jason Aldean: The tour, the singles, the album... the argument for Aldean to win Entertainer of the Year is the same as the argument to win Male Vocalist of the Year, and it's a pretty good one. He hasn't been on as many magazine covers as other nominees, but his music resume is every bit as strong -- if not stronger.

Brad Paisley: Paisley continues to have one of the most exciting tours each summer, although he doesn't draw the type of crowds Chesney draws. With the exception of 'Remind Me,' this award year wasn't a huge radio year for him. His last album was released 18 months ago.

Kenny Chesney: Chesney has once again earned a spot among the Entertainer of the Year nominees by resuming the biggest tour in country music and by releasing a new album that shows a new, more sensitive side. He's won this award many times, and some voters might vote for another artist just for that reason. Hey, nobody said CMA voting was fair.

Blake Shelton: Shelton gets the most exposure of any of the male stars on this list by far, and he's as successful as anyone at bringing new fans into the genre. It seems like he still needs a platinum album or a major sell-out tour to justify winning this award, however.

Taylor Swift: And then there's Taylor Swift, who is always a favorite to win the Entertainer of the Year award. She had another big year in 2012, although she did so quietly until appearing everywhere during the release week of her new album 'Red.' She's won this trophy two of the last three years, and CMA voters are not nearly as tired of her as her detractors are. It would be a much-deserved win, but she's not a lock-in this year as she may be in 2013.

Our Prediction: The winner of this award will spark a blaze of fury on Friday morning, be it Jason Aldean for his recent indiscretion or Swift for the same tired reasons people return to every time she's mentioned. Taylor Swift is going to win again, and she will make it three in a row in 2013.