American Idol Season 20 contestants Betty Maxwell and Kelsie Dolin may seem like an unlikely pairing, but when the two singers met viewers during the second night of Hollywood Week on Sunday (April 3), they were given the challenge of performing together on stage as part of the intense “Duets Challenge.”

Dolin, who possesses a natural-born talent, has never shared the stage with anyone before making it on the reality TV competition show. So, she was feeling some real pressure going into the new round.

“Being here on American Idol has helped my confidence some, but it’s still pretty hard,” Dolin told viewers before her duet performance. “I’m a little stressed out.”

Luckily for her, judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie had their hearts set on putting Dolin and Maxwell together in hopes that Maxwell — a former Miss America, who is no stranger to competition — would help ease Dolin’s nerves and guide her out of her shell.

In rehearsals, Maxwell did just that. She urged Dolin to handpick their song so both singers could feel comfortable singing together on stage. The pageant queen also incorporated a few simple dance moves into the pair’s performance to help aid in their visual representation.

Perry also jumped in to offer Dolin some extra support, saying, "You are such a diamond in the rough. And all you've gotta do is shake off that dust.”

"I'm grateful that Katy and Betty believe in me," Dolin told viewers, adding that she couldn’t help but feel intimidated alongside Maxwell. "I wish I believed in myself, too."

After preparing for their performance, both Maxwell and Dolin showed judges they made the right choice in pairing them together. Performing “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink, the two artists, who come from different worlds, proved they belong in the same competition.

Maxwell took the lead with the first few lines, showcasing her incredible range with some low notes before Dolin rose to the occasion, flaunting her delicate rasp on the rest of the verse. Together, the two singers tackled the tune with effortless harmony, earning themselves some happy tears from judge Richie.

“Kelsie, remember when I told you, ‘Would you like to take my hand and come to Hollywood?’ I was worried for a little bit because I thought maybe you wouldn’t rise to the occasion because you were scared,” Richie said afterward. “But you did tonight. You broke through. Your harmonizing, attitude, and choreography, who the heck are you now?”

“Betty, you supported it, and you helped draw it out of her,” Perry added. “No matter how far either of you goes, I think you found something that you can build on for the rest of your life because you finally believe in yourself.”

Both Maxwell and Dolin will now head into the next round of the Season 20 reality TV competition. American Idol airs Monday and Sunday nights at 8PM ET on ABC.

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