'American Idol' may no longer have Dexter Roberts after he was eliminated from the show on Thursday night (April 17), but Nashville is getting a new resident in the singer.

Roberts says he's got his sights set on Nashville and he's ready to move soon! He says as soon as the tour is over this summer, he wants to be Music City's newest resident. "Hopefully, after the tour, man, I'm ready to come up there," the 22-year-old tells USA Today.

He already knows one Nashville resident, but Roberts didn't have a time to catch up with Keith Urban after Thursday's elimination.

"It's so fast, man, they barely have time to talk to us that much. He told me to have fun and keep pushing forward."

However, Roberts did get to talk with quite a few country stars that may be able to help in the future. One was Craig Morgan and the two have made plans to get together.

"I like Craig," he says. "We're going to do some hunting together some time."

Roberts is sure he's not quite ready for Los Angeles, since he hails from such a small town in Alabama. The Cali city might be a culture shock for the southern singer.

"I told my mom I've been in the city so much I'm ready to get back and get in the woods," Roberts says. "I told her I'm about ready to go get a teepee and stay in the woods for a few months."

Now that his time on 'American Idol' is over, Roberts is ready to get on tour and then head for Music City.