Back when Simon Cowell was a judge on 'American Idol,' it wasn't exactly a show that made wannabe stars eager to follow their dreams. Cowell's biting comments could turn anyone away from a path to stardom. But with a few new judges -- including the kind-hearted country crooner Keith Urban -- next year's 'Idol' season is all about inspiring viewers to make their dreams come true, as is proven in this new commercial.

The promo clip for the upcoming 'Idol' season stars judges Urban, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson. Interspersed with gorgeous footage of singers and musicians carrying guitars, practicing on their chosen instruments, tracking vocals in a studio and traveling (presumably to the 'Idol' studios), the 60-second spot is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

"To all the dreamers," Carey says to open the commercial.

Then Minaj chimes in, "To everyone who thought they'd never have a chance."

"It's almost that time of year, America," adds Jackson.

"The time to make dreams come true," Urban finishes.

Although the inspirational ad is emotional enough to make anyone want to try out for 'Idol,' things behind the scenes might not be going so smoothly. Rumor has it that Urban was caught in the middle of an all-out cat fight between Minaj and Carey a few weeks ago. The high-profile drama would be enough to make anyone roll their eyes and walk away, but it sounds like the 'For You' hitmaker is still along for the 'American Idol' ride.

“I love it,” Urban said of his new high-profile gig. “I gotta say, I love working with passionate people. I love artists, and I like everyone just sort of expressing themselves. It’s a very alive, very invigorating work environment.”

The countdown is on until American sees dreams come true on National Television. FOX is set to premiere its reality cash cow with a two-hour special on Jan. 16 and a one-hour follow-up episode scheduled on Jan. 17.