The first contestant on American Idol this Monday (March 18), was Jade Flores, a country artist from Texas. She came into the audition thrilled to meet all three judges, but particularly Katy Perry.

Flores entered the room worshipping her idol right off the bat, calling Perry a goddess—something that Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan both laughed at. Unfazed, Perry and Flores then shared stories of how both as teenagers pierced their own noses. (Don't worry, both asked their parents' permission. But, wait, maybe do worry, as both used safety pins.) Perry asked, "Am I you? Are you me?"

The 22-year-old performed a rendition of Deana Carter's famous "Strawberry Wine" acoustic guitar in hand. With every pitch-perfect word she sang, the judges smiled bigger and bigger. Flores' obvious passion and upbeat attitude secured it for the judges: They believed they had a true contender on their hands.

Once she finished performing, Bryan said, "You're a really, really good singer. I think I'm liking it, and I think I like how much fun you're having with this."

Richie added, "Oh, my gosh. A lot of people hinge their whole careers on being great singers. They forget there's a word called 'Entertaining.' Watching you entertain us was just as powerful as your singing."

"You really have the personality to back up the voice. I heard you as an artist, and I actually heard you as a country artist," Perry told Flores.

Bryan told her to also work on believing in herself and her craft, since they believe in her talent.

Unanimously the judges agreed and screamed in unison "You're going to Hollywood!"

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