"I am doing 'American Idol' for my daughter and I," Rachelle Lamb, who turned out to be the only singer to audition with a country song on tonight's St. Louis episode, said to introduce herself. In the city where Carrie Underwood was first discovered, the aspiring singer arrived to chase her dreams with the help of Faith Hill.

Lamb clung to her daughter all the way into the audition room, where the pair stood in front of judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. There, she broke out the full story: "I used to be a professional singer, and then I went off and fell in love and got married, and he took all them dreams away from me."

The young mother turned a bad split -- she admitted she was in the middle of a divorce -- into an impressive vocal performance in front of the 'Idol' panel. She took on a Faith Hill tune, referring to it as 'Find Somebody New.' Her daughter joined in for some animated motions and foot tappin' to round out the song.

The judges must've liked the pretty tone to her voice and her high spirits, as they gave her a unanimous round of "yeses." "I think you sing great … I like your moxie," Tyler quipped, while Lopez commented on her energy and Jackson simply said, "I'm impressed."

A sweet hug with her daughter wrapped up Lamb's 'American Idol' segment, at least until the Hollywood rounds.

Watch Rachelle Lamb's Audition on 'American Idol'

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