Scotty McCreery was born in 1993, and while his deep voice makes him sound like he was born in 1943, the singer showed the range we all know he is capable of on tonight's episode of 'American Idol.' McCreey selected 'Can I Trust You With My Heart' by Travis Tritt for his performance, since the challenge required contestants to sing songs from the year of their birth.

McCreery has the deep, rumbling vocals down to a science, but he showed us that he is capable of nailing bigger, higher, longer notes and pitches. Since he faithfully sticks to the low end, it was a great to hear something new from him. It effectively erases any concerns that he is a one-note with a single range.

"You pushed it out there a little more for us at the end," Jennifer Lopez gushed about his longer notes. "I want to see you keep it going in that direction. I peaked in on you during rehearsals and you held it even longer in rehearsal and that made me go, 'What?'" Lopez told McCreery, hoping that he will give her more of that.

Randy Jackson, who worked with Tritt in the past, said, "You did him proud. You can sing anything and I love seeing you take chances to hit bigger, longer notes. I believe in you man." Overall, whether McCreery wins or not, he has a promising career in front of him.

In case you were wondering where the singer got such a deep voice, his parents revealed that their son used to do imitations of Elvis Presley, which probably helped him develop that timber.

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform Travis Tritt's 'Can I Trust You With My Heart'