It's not clear if 'American Idol' contestant Samuel Prince earned praise for his singing, but his acting was pretty good. Harry "Henry" Connick, Jr. does a nice job in this video, as well ...  maybe too nice a job for Keith Urban's liking.

Prince reveals that he acted in a soap opera prior to auditioning for 'Idol.' He's from Puerto Rico, which explains why he's bowing down to Puerto Rico's (unofficial) queen, Jennifer Lopez before he tells the judges to join him in a Telemundo-style soap opera sketch.

The impromptu bit ends up being really funny.

Connick keeps the action alive after the scene ends however, delivering a right-hand blow to the 2015 Taste of Country Festival headliner's cheek. Hey, it looked real. It sounded real. It's gotta be real, right?

Suspiciously, Urban returned to his chair showing no signs of an open-handed assault. Either his face was used to it (which would be a very different kind of story) or he and Connick were acting.

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