Actor Stephen Dorff told Larry King what he knew about his brother’s death in December. Songwriter Andrew Dorff died at the age of 40, but until now, few details were known about the circumstances.

Stephen says during an interview on Larry King Now on Ora TV that his brother was in Turks & Caicos celebrating his successes when the events that led to his death took place. What exactly happened is still somewhat of a mystery, but there was some drinking, a jacuzzi and water involved.

“Andrew was splashing around trying to cool off with some friends, and somebody spotted him lying on his back not moving,” Stephen says. He was talking to King mostly about his new film, Wheeler, a movie about country music. The two brothers wrote "Pour Me Out of This Town" together.

When pressed for more details Stephen says he can’t get into particulars. He doesn’t explicitly say Andrew drowned and is seemingly uncomfortable talking about what happened after his body was pulled from the water. He does say that his brother should still be here and emphasizes that he was enjoying the peak of his professional life.

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Andrew was known for writing several country hits, including Blake Shelton’s “Neon Light” and “My Eyes,” Hunter Hayes’ “Somebody’s Heartbreak” and Kenny Chesney’s “Save It for a Rainy Day." He also co-wrote Rascal Flatts’ "Yours If You Want It." More than 1,000 people attended a memorial service in January.

Andrew Dorff Dies at Age 40

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