Ashley Gearing's powerful new single 'Five More Minutes' verbalizes the need to have just a little more time with someone special before they have to leave.

'Five More Minutes' follows a young girl from her first boyfriend, to her wedding day, to her death bed -- and each chorus shows a need for just a few more minutes of time. The first is from the girl's perspective, and as her mother tells her it's getting late and her boyfriend needs to head home, Gearing sings:

"But I need five more minutes / 'Cause I ain't ready yet / We're out here counting stars / This night is as pretty as it gets / Please, Mama, don't make him go / 'Cause I need five more minutes / Five more minutes."

We bet Gearing, at just 19-years-old, can probably relate to a similar situation.

As the song progresses, each chorus comes from the point of view of a different loved one, including her father, who clings to his daughter for one more dance. And then comes the final chorus from her husband, while she lays on her death bed and he pleads to be taken in her place.

Ashley Gearing dropped her debut single, 'Can You Hear Me When I Talk to You?' in 2003, at the age of 11. Now, at the end of her teen years, she's back with this gem about cherishing those closest to you. 'Five More Minutes' is expected to hit country radio on March 21.

Listen to Ashley Gearing, 'Five More Minutes'