Aubrie Sellers has spent some time on the road opening for Miranda Lambert on the Highway Vagabond Tour and during a recent visit to Taste of Country Nights, the "Liar, Liar" singer discussed the tour and her admiration for the headliner.

"It was amazing! It was just the best," Sellers says of her time touring with Lambert. "I would love to go out with her again. It was the first big tour I was on. It was in arenas and I've never done that before and then you've got catering and all these things I don't normally have."

Sellers marveled at the fact that she and her band had a bus and recalled hanging at Lambert's airstream, Wanda the Wanderer, night after night. A converted bar, the airstream was like the local bar the musicians frequented every night.

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The singer -- who is one of ToC's RISERS in 2017 -- also enjoyed the tour's catering, explaining that there was a good range "from healthy to maybe not so healthy but delicious." Lambert treated her tourmates to plenty of sweet tea, mac & cheese and Southern comfort food, and she also taught Sellers the importance of being authentic.

"I respect her as an artist and love her music, so just to be able to watch her every night . . . she's one of those people I know all her songs and I own all her records," Sellers explains. "You know what I love? She's really stuck to her guns. To see an arena full of people sitting there singing her songs back, that's inspiring to an artist like me who's doing something a little bit different. It's inspirational."

Listen to the complete interview with ToC RISER Aubrie Sellers below.

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