Aubrie Sellers' brand of country music may scare you. "Sit Here and Cry" borrows from women named Loretta (Lynn) and men named Muddy (Waters). It's a Southern-fried blues song packaged with garage-rock guitars and a siren's voice.

Sellers is all kinds of edgy, and her debut on Warner Music Nashville isn't shy. Vocally it's clear she's Lee Ann Womack's daughter, but the rock and bluegrass-influenced young singer doesn't rest on that. Extended guitar solos are rare in country music. You're more likely to spot a unicorn than hear one on a female artist's track.

"Sit Here and Cry" stops down for an extended blues harp solo. In fact, there's as much harmonica as there is Sellers singing — it's practically a duet!

Typically songs that punch you in the face like this don't climb the radio charts quickly, but Sellers says she's not going for a quick No. 1. Fans will talk about "Sit Here and Cry" if it garners enough airplay. Opinions will be strong and varied. That's a wonderful thing for a newcomer to do, and this song, while cutting edge, is a brilliant introduction to a very talented artist.

Did You Know?: Two of Sellers biggest influences are Ralph Stanley and Led Zeppelin.

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Aubrie Sellers' "Sit Here and Cry" Lyrics:

"I was standing watching you go / You only been gone about an hour or so / I’m already wondering what I’ll do / All by myself, without you / Then it hit me like a lighting crash / I’m gonna sit here and cry till you come back."

"Then I tell me boss I can’t come in / At least not until you love me again / Money is gonna get a little bit tight / It’s OK, it’s alright / It don’t take a whole lot of cash, to sit here and cry till you come back."

"Sit here alone wondering why / Counting every tear that I can cry / Broke down train on a one-way track / Gonna sit here and cry till you come back."

"Well I guess I really didn’t think this through / But I loose my mind when it comes to you / Been out here every night and day / Waiting on the blues to go away / I just think they’re turning black / Gonna sit here and cry till you come back."

"Feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack / Gonna sit here and cry till you come back."

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