Austin Mahone will dig further into his country roots with A Lone Star Story, an upcoming new album that builds on the foundation he laid with his recently-released song, "Kuntry."

Mahone — a native of San Antonio, Texas — grew up listening to country music as a kid, but branched out in his teens, immersing himself in the music of hip-hop and R&B stars like Usher, Lil Wayne and T-Pain. After rising to fame thanks to the popularity of videos he uploaded to YouTube in the early 2010s, Mahone signed a deal with Cash Money Records.

As his star rose in the pop and hip-hop worlds, Mahone never forgot about his country beginnings. With "Kuntry," the singer says, he wanted to build a "bridge" between genre, showcasing the twangy, hip-hop influenced brand of country music that feels most authentic to him.

"I'm not trying to slide on some Wranglers and throw on a 10-gallon hat and be like, 'I'm country now,'" Mahone explained to Taste of Country when "Kuntry" came out. "I'm from San Antonio, Texas. I grew up [loving country music], and it's nice to tap back into where I came from and do it my own way."

A Lone Star Story also contains previously-released tracks like "Sundress
and "Withdrawal," as well as several brand-new tracks that introduce fans to Mahone's specific, Texas-focused blend of sounds and influences.

The album is due to come out on June 23. It's available to presave now.

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