Austin Webb's single 'Slip on By' is getting an emotional reaction from fans at his live shows. The video doesn't let up one bit. In this exclusive premiere of the behind-the-scenes clip, the singer shares what he first loved about the song, as well as the treatment for the music video. 

Webb says he chose Stephen Shepherd's treatment because it was simple. The video follows a young man as he gets through the struggles of early marriage with the help of an old-timer he meets along the shores of his favorite pond. In this clip, fans get to meet the old man, as well as Webb's wife (or the actress who plays her).

Webb's new song is his second from an album to be released in 2014. 2013 was a big year for the native South Carolinian. 'It's All Good' became his first charting single and he made his Grand Ole Opry debut in November. For more, visit his official website.

Watch the Austin Webb, 'Slip on By' Video

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