"Well, being a redneck, my favorite thing to make is baked beans and smoked Boston butts or brisket," hit songwriter Phil O'Donnell -- known around Nashville as Philbilly -- tells Taste of Country of his beans and brisket recipe. "I like this because it's low maintenance, unlike all the girls under my roof! I kinda stumbled onto what I like by messing up several good cuts of meat. On those days, we tried a bite, spit it out and put a frozen pizza in the oven!"

Baked Beans and Smoked Boston Brisket Recipe Ingredients:

- Wood chips such as apple, walnut, oak or hickory
- Gator Hammock Dry Rub, Gator Sprinkles or Cooter Rub (can order here)
- Brisket (or can use a Boston butt)
- 1 gallon of baked beans
- 1/3 cup of minced garlic
- 1/2 cup of brown sugar
- 5 tsp. yellow mustard
- Bacon

Baked Beans and Smoked Boston Brisket Recipe Directions:

1. Soak the wood for a couple of days in water so it will make a lot of smoke when you light it.
2. Cover the outside of the meat with seasoning using hands.
3. Keeping the heat between 275-350 degrees, cook for about eight hours, fat side up so the juice from the fat will soak into the meat and make it juicy.
4. After eight hours, if meat does not fall off the bone, wrap in foil and bake on 300 for another couple of hours.
5. Combine beans, garlic, brown sugar and mustard, and fill a 9"x13" pan.
6. Cover beans with strips of bacon.
7. Cook beans in oven on 375 for about three hours.

About Phil O'Donnell:

Philbilly is one of Nashville's most loved songwriters and producers. His long list of songwriting credits include the chart-topping Montgomery Gentry hit, 'Back When I Knew It All,' as well as singles by Craig Morgan ('Love Remembers,' 'I Got You'), Joe Diffie ('Tougher Than Nails'), Darryl Worley ('Sounds Like Life to Me,' 'Keep the Change'), Clay Walker ('She Won’t Be Lonely Long') and Blaine Larsen ('Chillin'').

Others who have recorded O'Donnell's tunes include Trent Willmon, Mark Chestnut, Tracy Byrd, Billy Ray Cyrus, Travis Tritt, Gretchen Wilson, James Wesley, Joey and Rory, Guy Pinrod, Lila McCan, Kevin Denny, Andy Griggs, Neal McCoy, Tracy Lawerence, Sammy Kershaw, Cole Degges and the Lonesome, Randy Travis, Chelee Tennison, Ed Bruce and Jill King.

But O'Donnell's success doesn't just stop with picking up a pen. He is also responsible for sitting behind the board in the studio and producing the likes of Craig Morgan, Justin McBride, Chris Janson, Tara Oram, Jason Blaine, Darren Kozelsky, Steve Richard, Chancie Neal, Davisson Bros. Band, and most recently, Josh Thompson on his forthcoming sophomore album, 'Change.'