“If there’s anything I remember about our South Carolina cookin’, it’s potata’ salad — and yes, I said ‘potata’ salad’ … that’s how we say it in Cackalacki!” singer-songwriter Bridgette Tatum tells Taste of Country of her favorite side dish -- her family's own potato salad recipe. “I am not the biggest potato fan, but always have loved this recipe. My momma used to whip it up quick. It works perfect for barbecues, family gatherings and anytime you got a taste for taters!”

Potato Salad Recipe Ingredients:

5lb. bag of Russet Potatoes
4-5 large eggs, boiled and chopped*
1 jar of Duke’s mayonnaise (it has to be Duke’s!)
1 jar of dill relish
1 jar of ground red pepper
1 jar of ground black pepper
1 jar of garlic salt

Potato Salad Recipe Directions:

1. Bring pot of water to a boil on high.
2. Drop potatoes into boiling water.
3. Let potatoes boil for about 20 minutes (check out Taste of Country online). When fork-tender, they’re done.
4. Cool potatoes slightly, then peel (I usually peel with lukewarm water runnin’ over them).
5. Place potatoes in Tupperware bowl, cut/chop with a knife or fork with a downward motion (this is the secret to the potato salad — do not mash … only chop) until in small pieces about dice size.
6. Add chopped eggs* (optional).
7.  Mix in Duke’s mayo. I use as much as I like to my taste, usually four or five tablespoons, depending on amount of potatoes.
8. Add to your taste the following: dill relish, ground red pepper, ground black pepper and garlic salt. Some like it hotter than others, I like mine on fire. I also add a little Italian dressing for more spice.
9. Final step, wash your hands well and get em’ in that tater bowl for the final mix! The consistency should be somewhat chunky and not mashed when you get it all mixed together.
10. Now, you can wash that potato salad off your hands if you want but … why waste it? Happy southern eatin’! (refrigerate afterwards)

About Bridgette Tatum:

In 2009, Tatum was one of the names behind the year’s most-played song on country radio stations across the United States — Jason Aldean‘s ‘She’s Country.’ The tune, which she co-wrote with Danny Myrick, claimed the No. 1 position on the chart for two consecutive weeks that year, marking the beginning of Aldean’s transformation from star into superstar.

The following year, Tatum’s own song ‘Loud’ was selected as the official theme song for ACC Football’s 2010 season. The fast-paced anthem helped celebrate the excitement and energy of ACC Football when it was captured in a raucous music video filmed for television broadcast, which, when aired, hit in over 27 million households.

In addition to her hit songwriting talents, Tatum is also working on a career as a solo artist. She has already been involved with high-profile treks, including the She’s Country Tour with Heidi Newfield in 2011. Tatum is currently working on her debut album, which is anticipated to be released on Root 49 Records later this year.