Bart Crow, of Texas' Bart Crow Band, took a break in between writing sessions and changing diapers to chat with Taste of Country about his new live album, 'Brewster Street Live,' and being the first to record at the famed South Texas beach venue -- as well as how he's adjusting to life with a newborn.

'Brewster Street Live,' recorded at the historic Corpus Christi, Texas venue Brewster Street, isn't officially available until March 1, but is up for pre-order on iTunes now -- and Crow says he couldn't be more anxious for fans to get their hands on it. "I love Brewster street, love Corpus, love hanging out," he says of recording the album. "It was just such a cool thing, you know, the ice house thing and the open air."

Surprisingly, the Bart Crow Band are the first to record a live album at the esteemed venue, a fact which Crow says went over his head until recently. 'Brewster Street Live' features three new live songs and a new studio track as an extra incentive for fans to pick it up.

"I kinda planned for quite some time, as far as trying to narrow down what songs to put on it and what to do," he says of the pre-planning. "I wanted to grab a few from all three of our studio records. We rented a studio space and just rehearsed the songs and got em' down pact, and then we went to Corpus and played a gig and recorded it!"

Crow reveals that the bonus studio track, 'Not Going Crazy,' was a first attempt at a co-write with the band's bassist -- and a first attempt at a lighter side of the Texas native's heart, compared to the last record. "I was just coming off of 'Heartworn Tragedy,' and I was gonna vow to write happy songs instead of everything so dark, or darker, or dark toned," Crow says. "So that was my first stab at being completely chipper."

And he certainly has a reason to be chipper. Not only does the 'Wear My Ring' singer have five Top 10 singles on the Texas Music Chart under his belt, but he welcomed his first-born child, a boy, just two weeks ago. "His name is Townes Blaine, he was 7 pounds, 13 ounces and 19-and-a-half inches long, and he was born February 10," Crow tells Taste of Country exclusively, adding, "And now all he does is eat, poop, sleep and cry."

The famed Texas country artist adds that the biggest adjustment to his newfound dad-hood has been adjusting itself. "You know, I'm still having a hard time believing that I'm a dad. I'm just so excited about it and I've been excited since the day my wife told me she was pregnant," Crow admits. "It's just kind of like we've had so much time to prepare for it and get mentally ready for it, but everybody says you're still not ready. Well, we weren't, but we got ready -- I mean we had nine months to prepare, so you're as ready as you can be," he reveals, adding, "Now that he's here I think that we've got a pretty good handle on getting through day to day. I'm still learning a whole bunch and we've got a whole lot to learn, but I think I'm still just kinda in shock really."

Crow insists that his biggest goal for 2011 is simply to make music, and "hopefully along the way we'll make some people smile." As for 'Brewster Street Live,' Crow says he's excited to see the impact it has on new fans and old fans alike.

"I hope that the people who already like us -- that we call our friends, other people call fans -- I hope they like it. I hope it's fan-approved, and I hope that it just makes them like us even more," he says. "People who have never heard us, I hope they hear it and enjoy it. I hope they have a good time jamming with it and become supporters."

Watch a Teaser of Bart Crow Band's 'Brewster Street Live' Album