Granger Smith has had no trouble battling his fellow Texas country crooners in Taste of Country's Texas Red Dirt Rumble over the past couple of weeks, brushing them aside with his new-to-radio single, 'Letters to London.' This week, however, he's up against Bart Crow Band with their latest hit, 'Not Going Crazy,' which is currently in the Top 20 on the Texas music chart.

Smith's 'Letters to London' is certainly an easy tune to love. It has all of the elements that make up a great country ballad: painful memories, a pretty girl and the essential brokenhearted cowboy, who's full of emotionally gripping lyrics. This track is particularly poignant and original, because instead of the typical "she left me" lines, Smith admits guilt, explaining that "she left me because I messed up."

'Not Going Crazy' hails from Bart Crow Band's 'Brewster Street Live' album and perfectly encompasses what a country concert experience should be. Crow's got an undying need to dust his issues under the rug and get away, which he makes perfectly clear in this track. As he sees it, the best way to keep your head clear -- and avoid going crazy -- is to roll the windows down and get out of town, and trade the stress of cubicles for the relaxation of starry nights and careless days.

Which song do you think is best fit to win this week's Texas Red Dirt Rumble? Listen to Smith's 'Letters to London' and Crow's 'Not Going Crazy' below and make your decision. You have until Midnight CT on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012 to vote. Share the link with your friends so they can vote, too. After the winner of this week’s Rumble is chosen, a new match will start up, pitting the winner against a brand-new challenger.

Listen to Granger Smith, ‘Letters to London’

Listen to Bart Crow Band, 'Not Going Crazy'

Rules of the Rumble: The artist and song with the most votes wins, and winner goes on to face next week’s challenger. If an artist wins four weeks in a row, he or she will be retired into the Taste of Country Texas Red Dirt Rumble Hall of Fame to allow for new songs to compete.