Trying to calm her nerves on tonight's episode of 'American Idol,' Krum, Texas native Baylie Brown sat center stage on a stool in a slinky red dress with her blond ringlets perfectly coiffed. Though she looked like as much like a Miss America contestant as an 'American Idol' hopeful, Brown had a difficult time harnessing her voice for her rendition of Lonestar's 'Amazed.'

Though she was shaky at the beginning and pitchy at points throughout, Brown did show that she knows how to sing, and she especially shined on the quieter parts of the song where she could harness that voice and let it run beautifully over the notes. Still, in the end, Brown's pitchy points seemed to overshadow her stronger vocal qualities.

“I’m not sure if it’s the best song you could have picked for tonight," Steven Tyler told the young beauty, adding that she was pretty. To that, Jennifer Lopez corrected her fellow judge by asserting that, no, Brown was beautiful. About the hopeful's voice, she wasn't quite so complimentary, but she did concede that she understands what nerves can do in a moment like that.

"It just didn’t seem like you had total control," she said hesitantly. "I know it’s those nerves, trust me I understand.” Still, Lopez said, it's got to be solid when you're up against such intense competition.

Randy Jackson first pointed out that he thought Brown looked amazing, but he had to agree with the other judges, saying “You just never seized control of the song.” Twenty-two-year-old Brown, who made it to the top 50 of 'American Idol' on season six, took it all with a good attitude, saying in her interview at the end, “I don’t think I did too awful on it. I had fun.” Hopefully Brown will get another chance to prove herself in this competition, but we'll have to wait and see what America decides.

Watch Baylie Brown Perform 'Amazed' on 'American Idol'