Lazy days on the beach need a good soundtrack, and country stars are happy to oblige. The best beach songs come from legends and relative newcomers, but all promote fun in the sun and surf. You can practically smell the suntan lotion or taste the salt air as you listen to the best of the beach tunes -- trust us, they'll come in handy.

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    'All Summer Long'

    Kid Rock

    It's assumed that the rest of the beach songs on this list refer to coastal plains with ocean views, but Kid Rock's hit from 2008 boasts about the beautiful beaches along the Great Lakes and inland Michigan. There's blue waves as far as the eye can see up north as well, and this all-time great summer hit practically takes you there. Rock describes the perfect summer vacation for a teenager looking to make a little trouble and a few memories.

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    'Knee Deep'

    Zac Brown Band

    The Zac Brown Band is one of two artists on this list with two songs. 'Knee Deep,' a No. 1 hit from 2011, features the King of the Beach -- Jimmy Buffett. No one describes the feeling of purposeful isolation better than that legend, but Brown and company come close with this great beach song.

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    'Suntan City'

    Luke Bryan

    Luke Bryan has dedicated a series of EPs to Spring Break, and 'Suntan City' is the best of those beach-flavored songs. Those few moments in the car before you arrive for a week of freedom are full of anticipation. One would have to be almost dead not to feel the excitement of the warm sun, hot bodies and cool saltwater running over your toes. Bryan includes it all in his track from 2013.

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    'Some Beach'

    Blake Shelton

    Some may argue that 'Some Beach' isn't really a beach song. Blake Shelton's hit from 2004 is more about a guy having a lousy day, but the singer also spends significant time dreaming about a seaside holiday. The easy tempo and island flavor of the guitars helped bump it up a few spots on this list. Plus, the ToC staff still gets a chuckle every time it comes on the radio.

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    'A Buncha Girls'

    Frankie Ballard

    Frankie Ballard's hit from 2011 describes the drive-up to the beach much like Luke Bryan's 'Suntan City,' but his song is a little catchier. Both are very girl-centric. In fact, it's tough to find a song from a female artist about how hot a group of guys at the beach are (they must not have seen these pics of shirtless country singers). Ballard cracked the Top 30 with this single, the second from his self-titled album.

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    'Two Pina Coladas'

    Garth Brooks

    'Two Pina Coladas' is one of Garth Brooks' most popular songs, but it only checks in at No. 5 on this list of beach songs. Lyrically, it's undoubtedly about a beach getaway, but the focus is more on the booze than the waves. This No. 1 from 1998 fits better as a drinking song that a beach song.

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    'No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems'

    Kenny Chesney

    Kenny Chesney is country's reigning beach master. There was a time in the early-to-mid '00s when every song he released sounded like the surf. The 'Be as You Are (Songs From an Old Blue Chair)' album epitomized that style, but 'No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems' began the trend. The laid-back nature of this easy-to-appreciate country song is still appealing today.

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    Zac Brown Band

    Everything one enjoys about the beach is simplified into one great line from 'Toes,' the Zac Brown Band's controversial hit from 2009. "I got my toes in the water, a-- in the sand / Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand / Life is good today." The song tells the story of a Mexican getaway that goes awry, but the chorus is the most important part. It's good enough to earn this song the No. 3 spot on this list.

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    'When the Sun Goes Down'

    Kenny Chesney

    Chesney was in full beach bum mode when he released 'When the Sun Goes Down' with Uncle Kracker in 2004. It helped him win Entertainer of the Year that year, and the title track pushed the album to Album of the Year honors. Comparisons to Jimmy Buffett began before this song was released, but after this island-inspired hit, they ramped up. That's a compliment, as few have defined life on the beach in a song quite like Buffett. Which is why ...

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    Jimmy Buffett

    Jimmy Buffett's 'Margaritaville' was a country hit, in addition to becoming a hit on just about every other format of radio short of opera. It's the first song you think of when you start dreaming of dropping your worries and running off to a sand-covered, rum-heavy hut in the islands. The sounds, the smells, the tastes of this song (sure, you can taste music) make it one of the greatest country songs of all time and a sure thing for the Top Beach Songs list.