This Tuesday (October 11), Big and Rich's Big Kenny is set to re-release his solo album, 'The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy: The Whole Experience Deluxe Edition.' In addition to the original album, which was first released in 2009, the re-mastered tunes on 'The Whole Experience' will contain an exclusive 15-page digital art booklet and a 40-minute sing-a-long video album.

Big Kenny brought in his dear friend, masterful visual artist Ric Stultz, to create original paintings for each song on 'The Whole Experience' album. The paintings are featured among lyrics and notes for each track on the record's digital booklet.

In 2009, Big Kenny released a track from 'The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy' titled 'Long After I'm Gone,' creating his own music video that was filmed on his family's farm in Virginia. "That song was inspired by the farm, so I wanted to shoot a video there," Big Kenny recently told Taste of Country. "I wanted to show where I was born and raised … show my parents and people can kind of see where I came from. I just did it myself, me and my crew guys. It turned out absolutely beautiful. In that video, you will see me a month after I had neck surgery. Those are my parents standing there with me at the place I was raised. It’s over 200 years old. It was built before the Revolutionary War … it was used as a hospital during the Civil War … it spawned Big Kenny [laughs]! There’s not a piece of fence that you see in that whole video that me and my brothers hadn’t painted at least a dozen times. There’s miles of it!"

Today (October 10), Big Kenny is holding a special contest through his Twitter page in preparation of the album's re-release. Big Kenny is encouraging all of his followers to use the hashtag #QuietGiveaway in all of their tweets throughout the day, and all fans will then be entered into a drawing for special prizes to be announced tomorrow, on album release day.

'The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy: The Whole Experience' will be available for purchase through Big Kenny's official website and other digital retailers.

Watch the Big Kenny 'Long After I'm Gone' Video

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