Season two of 'The Voice' on NBC will reportedly feature a more talented group of singers, more confident coaches and many more weeks of blind auditions. During a mini-press conference on Friday, Blake Shelton hinted that the show may be the biggest thing to ever air on television.

"It's gonna make the Super Bowl look small," Shelton deadpanned, although those not familiar with the singer's dry sense of humor may not have picked up on his exaggeration (at least ... we think he was kidding). The second season of 'The Voice' premieres on Feb. 5 after the Super Bowl on NBC.

"I don't know if it was the chemistry between the four of us or the really smart things that Carson has to say every now and then ... It's probably the chemistry between the four of us, now that I say that," HitFix reports that Shelton said. "Whatever it is, it's set the bar high for this year."

Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera have already chosen their teams, as the early rounds of season two have been recorded. Green said it helped having contestants who were familiar with the how the show works, and Aguilera said that her team includes "an incredible opera singer who makes you wanna cry" and "a dynamic powerhouse MC."

And if all that doesn't attract viewers? "That's the episode where you try to make out with me, Christina? And they edit it out right before our lips touch?" Shelton joked. Or, at least, we think he was joking.

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