Blake Shelton says he wasn't too concerned about his fellow The Voice coach Adam Levine after the singer was sugar-bombed last week. (Warning: Video contains adult language.)

Levine made headlines when he was attacked after a Maroon 5 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! by someone with a powdery white substance in a bag, which covered his torso and part of his face. Shelton admits he didn't reach out to check on his bromantic partner after the incident.

"I could pretty much tell he was okay when I saw the pictures of him with the flour slammed across his face," Shelton tells US Weekly. "I was like, ‘Eh, he still looks like he’s standing upright.' I’m not worried about him."

The pair have a playful love-hate relationship on the air, and Shelton even quips that he was behind the incident. "I felt bad that that guy had to go to jail," the "Sangria" singer jokes. "I gave him 50 bucks though, so…"

Though Levine was visibly angry after the attack, he restrained himself from fighting with the offender, who was arrested and charged with battery. Shelton says it would have ended differently if he had been on the receiving end of the powdery mess.

"I wish whenever they went out of sight or whatever, whenever they dragged that guy over behind that wall, I would have been the guy over there like, kicking him in the nuts, in the stomach, hitting him in the head with a rock or something," he admits. "I would have definitely stooped to that guy’s level. I’m glad he didn’t do anything like that [to me]."

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