During interviews to promote her new album 'Four the Record,' Miranda Lambert talked about how the song 'Over You' was inspired by a car accident that killed Blake Shelton's brother Richie Shelton. As Lambert prepares to release the ballad as her next single, Shelton is talking more about the accident, the aftermath, and writing the song with his wife.

Some of the lines from the song came right from Shelton's experience, like the part about getting his brother record collection. "That's one of the things I got when my brother was killed," he tells the Associated Press. "The family gave me all his albums and things like that. I just listened to them over and over again to feel like he was there."

Shelton was 14-years-old when his 24-year-old brother died. The singer had never really opened up to Lambert about the tragedy until the night they were flipping through the channels and found his 'Backstory' episode on GAC-TV. His father was talking about Richie, saying, "You don't ever get over something like that. You just get used to it." They turned off the television and began talking. Then they began writing, and crying.

"It was really a great moment between us. It was like we moved to a deeper level, not just in our relationship, but also, we respect each other as artists, and being able to write something that personal with each other was really cool," Lambert said.

Shelton refers to the song as one of the proudest moments of his career, but adds that he could never have recorded it. That would have meant playing it live every night, and that was not something he was capable of. Though, he says, "I'm honored Miranda put it on her record."

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